Introducing the X10 Sentinel:

Get the very best in security surveillance technology with the X10 Sentinel PTZ Camera!  X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. is pleased to present our newest, most innovative security camera yet.  With features ranging from 22x optical zoom to a weather-resistant dome included with every camera, the Sentinel offers the very latest in security camera technology - and at an astonishingly low price!  At X10 we know what our customers require to feel secure, and we’re happy to present you with the solution to all your security camera needs.

Just take a look at some of the great features the Sentinel has to offer:

  • Pan, Tilt, and Zoom: You won’t miss a thing with our 330˚ pan, 90˚ tilt, and 44x zoom!  You can mount your Sentinel in a corner and easily view an entire room, wall to wall, floor to ceiling, from right in front of your television set or PC.  With our web control software, you can even do these things from halfway around the world using any internet connected computer.  The Sentinel is also equipped with an optical zoom of 22x, which means it gets a clear and close up view of a subject from a greater distance without letting the quality suffer.  When using optical zoom the camera is actually bringing you closer to your subject while maintaining a high quality image.  When combined with our 2x digital zoom, you get a 44x total zoom that means you not only can see every corner, you can see exactly what’s happening in it!

  • Advanced “Starlight Mode” technology: Never suffer through grainy night vision again!  With most security cameras, you can take for granted that you’re going to lose picture quality as soon as night falls, but not with the Sentinel.  Our special “Starlight Mode” uses an advanced slow shutter speed to capture perfectly clear images even in the middle of the night – and in full color, too!   

  • Weather resistant dome: Take your camera indoors or out!  Other companies charge up to 500 dollars for such a feature, but at X10, we wouldn’t dream of charging you extra for the convenience you deserve.  You can easily mount your camera outdoors without worrying about the risk of damage.  Rain or shine, day or night, keep your property monitored from the perimeter to the front doorstep with the X10 Sentinel PTZ Camera!

  • Remote control capabilities: With our included remote you have all the great features of the X10 Sentinel PTZ Camera right at your fingertips. You can operate your Sentinel from four rooms over, up to 100 feet away, and see the picture from your TV screen. With our radio frequency signal, you can remotely pan, tilt, and zoom your camera without ever leaving your couch! You can check all the corners you need to automatically by accessing up to nine stored positions, enabling you to see exactly what you want to see with just the click of a button. You can even zoom in, so you never miss a detail!

The X10 Sentinel PTZ Camera is simply the only security camera on the market to offer everything you need at the price you demand, and all without hidden extra costs.  Ideal for home, business, or public security needs, the Sentinel comes in a variety of packages with plenty of upgrade options in addition to our already great features, so you can get exactly the security system you need.

Unlike most other security cameras on the market, the Sentinel is available in a wireless option, so you have the freedom to mount your camera wherever you need to without the hassle of figuring out where to run the cables.  Should you require greater versatility from your Sentinel camera, all wireless packages come equipped with a 100 foot video cable so you can switch easily to our wired option, and just as easily switch back. With the X10 Sentinel, you always have a variety of options for keeping your property secure. 

Do you need to feel totally secure no matter where you are?  With our web-controlled option, you absolutely can.  No matter if you’re checking on your home security system from the office or looking in on your business from on vacation halfway around the world, you can feel completely secure about the safety of your property.  Pan, tilt, and zoom from any internet-connected computer, to check every corner no matter where you are!

Those of you who are already loyal X10 customers will be pleased to learn that our Sentinel cameras are completely compatible with your pre-existing X10 home automation software.  With our complete home automation package, you can control virtually all of your X10 home automation products, as well as your Sentinel camera, right from your PC!  Set your porch light to come on whenever motion is sensed, and start recording from there.  Take a look around your house, and while you’re doing that, turn the fan on to cool the place off before you come home.  With our complete home automation package, the options are limitless! 

All of our Sentinel cameras come with an option to upgrade to motion-activated recording.  You can’t always be watching your property, but you can feel secure knowing that if anything happens, you won’t have to look through hours of tape to find the important footage. The Sentinel will signal your video-recording device to start taping only when the motion sensor is triggered, so you can easily access what you want to see, without needing to hunt for it. With our Motion Activated Recording System, your Sentinel will do all the work for you!

For those of you with more ground to cover, we also offer multiple camera packages in sets of 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8, so you can keep all of your property protected!  Ideal for larger homes or businesses, you get the most reliable security with all of the Sentinel’s great features.  Keep an eye on your property from the perimeter to the front desk to your own office and everywhere in between, and in completely customizable packages that we’ll happily tailor to fit your needs! 

The X10 Sentinel PTZ Camera is the security camera you’ve been waiting for – try it today!

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